Internal Admin Panel Tailored For FinTech

Active Logic built an internal admin panel for a FinTech company. They built the client’s app portal using .NET Core and Vue.js which will help to manage the end customers’ data.

While the company wishes to remain anonymous our client is the CEO of a financial technology application that helps people automatically split and share recurring payments.

The Challenge was to build off of their existing mobile application that was built by a previous developer but did not have any way to manage that data. The application had all of the looks and feels that it needed. But they had no way to monitor and handle support.

The portal that was developed and designed allowed the client to improve their overall user experience when interacting with support and has made it easy for their internal team to manage operations.

Client Notes

“We found that Robert and Don were super honest with us and we’re willing to work with us on what we needed. Never once during the interview process did we feel that we were being sent down the wrong direction that wasn’t beneficial to our organization.

Thanks to Active Logic, we were able to get the project launched. Communicating via Slack during the engagement. Made for quick actions to complete the project and honesty impressed the [us].”

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