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Take Control of your Development

Our entire US-Based team is at your disposal. Our unique service offering allows us the Flexibility to bring resources in and out of your project as needed to craft the perfect solution without compromise.

Quality Web, Cloud, & Mobile Development

Don’t stress about your software development, that’s our job.

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Business Tools, CRMs, & ERPs & Portals

Our Team-as-a-Service model beats staff augmentation any day.

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Custom Software Development Services

Let’s make a plan for your software’s success, together.

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Development Team Augmentation

Augment your staff with our expert software development team, without the overhead.

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FinTech & E-Commerce Software Development

Create unified digital sales points to collect secure payments from customers and clients.

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API & 3rd Party Application Development

Develop software solutions to integrate different functionalities from your existing systems.

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Don't Take Care Of Your Development Projects... That's Our Job.

A new software development project is a large undertaking for a business of any size. Let our expert development team do the heavy lifting as you focus on your day-to-day operations.

  • Full-time lead developer assigned to guide progress
  • Average 10+ years development experience per team member
  • Utilization of industry-standard development practices

Seamless Collaboration With 100% Onshore Software Development.

In 2020, we embarked on an expansion journey away From Kansas City to bring Active Logic closer to you. Opening offices in locations across the United States, we are committed to being more accessible and responsive to the needs of you. Our team's enthusiasm and passion for innovation drive us to deliver cutting-edge software solutions that meet the unique requirements of your business.

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