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Critical Integrations With Other Software & Platforms

The truth is you probably use more than just one piece of software. In fact, you probably use several pieces of software to run your day-to-day operations. Active Logic brings many years of combined experience integrating hundreds, if not, thousands of different services and platforms into the software we build.

Our team is skilled enough to work with any API or system that allows for integration. Here are a few that we’ve worked with…

Amazon Web Services Logo

Amazon Web Services

Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services for businesses of any size or shape!

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Dropbox Logo


Access and modify files from your designated workspace.

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Google Drive Logo

Google Drive

Utilize Google's cloud file services and always have consistent access to your important documents.

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HubSpot Logo


Scale your existing CRM or Sales Management platform with the help of other HubSpot integrations.

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Mailchimp Logo


Send out Mailchimp email campaigns from the comfort of your own tailored software solution.

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Intuit Quickbooks Logo


Manage all of your accounting needs in a single location with the power of Quickbooks integrations.

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Salesforce Logo


Simplify your day-to-day processes with integrated Salesforce functionalities.

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SAP Logo


Take advantage of your company's data for strategic decision-making going forward.

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Slack Logo


Stay in communication with your team and clients with Slack integrations.

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Stripe Logo


Grow your e-commerce platform by easily accepting digital payments with secure Stripe integrations.

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Twilio Logo


Easily utilize and send SMS messages to your users or team from an online interface.

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Zapier Logo


Make sure all of your software solutions remain in sync with one another.

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Partnerships, Certifications, & Awards

Interlacing Enterprise Software

API & Integration Development Skill Sets

We can work with your enterprise software, building custom APIs to interface with your new custom software. Our API integration services allow us to work with custom mobile apps all the way to back-end cloud integrations. No matter your upcoming integration project, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of experienced and security-certified Laravel developers is 100% US-based, ensuring that your data is handled safely and our staff is always available when you are. Our “no offshore” policy means that quality is high and that you’re only working with a knowledgeable and friendly team.

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Cloud Software Development

Cloud-Based & Serverless Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud-based infrastructures have changed the game for applications. With so many major hosting providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offering cloud-based and serverless technologies, our API integration team has the ability to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based and/or serverless infrastructure using a myriad of different technologies and languages!

Cross Platform Software Development

iOS, Android & Cross-Platform Development

Accessibility is critical! Whether it’s a public-facing mobile or tablet application or a mobile app used for your clients and employees, meeting your users where their at is key to your success! That’s why we develop mobile apps in various stacks including cross-platform apps written in React-Native & Flutter or even natively written apps written in Swift, Objective-C & Kotlin. We have the expertise to build what you need!

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI, Machine Learning, & Data Visualization

Data collection is important for organizational and management purposes, however, just as important are the insights you can gain from your data. Our team is experienced enough to handle basic and advanced style reporting, as well as AI and Machine Learning algorithms to gain additional insight into your data!

Custom Web Application Development

Advanced Web Application Development

Our seasoned team brings together a multitude of skillsets and experience to most of the top web app frameworks & languages used in any modern development. Anything from PHP-based development in Laravel, Symphony, & Zend to Microsoft’s .NET framework and everything in between.


IoT, BLE & Hardware-Based Programming

Communication between devices is critical in many industries! It’s even essential for a lot of wearables and home-based tech. Our team of developers is experienced with low-level development in C++, Python, & Java as well as using technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, NFC, Etc…

Expert Software Development Team

SaaS Platform & Digital Product Creation

Need to keep track of a job or any other kind of work? It’s no problem… ActiveCore comes built with standard features to keep track of any and all job information, people assigned to the job, the active status, budgets, etc.

Our Case Studies

Take a Look For Yourself

Our work can speak for itself. We’ve completed projects for a plethora of different organizations and have been fortunate enough to document the process along the way.

Tailored Inventory Management Software for a KC Non-Profit

Happy Bottoms is proud to provide diapers to those in need around the Kansas City area but sought out...

Staffing Schools With Custom Web & Mobile Applications

Penmac decided to say bye to restrictive SaaS products and lackluster development teams.

Internal Admin Panel Tailored For FinTech

Active Logic built an internal admin panel for a FinTech company. They built the client’s app portal using...

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