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IoS, Android, or Windows; Active Logic has a development team in Kansas City and Miami that can handle your application needs.

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At Active Logic, we aim at achieving 100% client satisfaction by using the latest technologies. As one of the leading React Native development companies in the USA and beyond, we stay on top of the latest changes in the app development industry.

Our development team consists of experienced professionals who focus on the effectiveness, flexibility, and longevity of the final product. By being creative, thinking fast, and applying diverse knowledge, our experts achieve development goals faster than the competition.

React Native is one of the most demanded development tools in the world. That’s why we pay close attention to its benefits for our clients. We are always ready to consult you on the most effective tool for your particular product development requirements.

React Native UI/UX Development

We handle your entire app development project from scratch. All you need to do is tells us what your expectations are.

React Native Consulting

If you already have a PHP app, we can help update and refine it to suit the latest technologies, innovations, and industry requirements.

Database Implementation

We can help you find the right technologies for a PHP project and offer expert recommendations on solving tech challenges, including bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities. If you already have an in-house PHP development team, our experts can assist it with smooth app development.

React Native Support

Each app that we develop remains under our wing for the rest of its lifecycle. We provide top-notch support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation and compliance.

Partnerships, Certifications, & Awards

We take pride in our work, and our accolades are able to speak for themselves.

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The Value Speaks For Itself

Advantages of React Native App Development

React Native uses Facebook’s JavaScript library for building UI. It helps web developers create truly native mobile apps. Our development team takes full advantage of this excellent opportunity to bring our clients top-notch native apps.

Being one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks, many experienced development teams are choosing this option to create high-quality products. The popularity and recognition of this framework have surged dramatically, making it a preferred choice among professionals in the software development industry. Its ability to facilitate the creation of high-quality mobile applications has positioned it at the forefront of the technology landscape. The most important benefits of our React Native development services are:

Excellent Performance
React Native allows our developers to create apps that demonstrate excellent performance. Their capabilities are comparable to the performance of native apps built specifically for iOS or Android platforms. Since React Native apps utilize GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) instead of CPUs (Central Processing Units), they are remarkably fast.

React Native Support
Each app that we develop remains under our wing for the rest of its lifecycle. We provide top-notch support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation and compliance.

Smaller Development Team
A React Native development company doesn’t need to involve two teams in developing apps for iOS and Android. While platform specialists are still necessary, they can work on one team to speed up the development process. If a client needs a product that works on both iOS and Android, the projects can be completed by a single set of specialists. However, the team would still need a JavaScript expert who has experience with both platforms.

Cost Efficiency
React Native is a cross-platform tool with the possibility to develop a product that works on both Android and iOS. Essentially, you are getting two mobile apps for the price of one. this doesn’t just save our clients money, but also reduces the overall development time. This advantage makes React Native a highly demanded development tool for companies that are looking to speed up the development process. Clients don’t have to choose which platform to focus on. Instead, our React Native development company allows them to have both. Additionally, with just one product for two platforms, our clients can save time and money on app support, updates, and maintenance.

Thats Just the Start

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