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Today more than ever, businesses are turning to custom web applications to handle their challenging organizational needs. While off-the-shelf applications are a cornerstone of business operations, there are times when you need a uniquely customized application to help you reach your goals.

To stay competitive, your business needs the right software to keep you agile. Active Logic’s Custom Web Application Development services deliver highly-specialized web-based tools to help your business thrive.

Customized Back Office Software On A Laptop Screen Based in Kansas City, Active Logic has years of experience working with businesses of all sizes to plan and create custom web applications catered to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to streamline efficiency, manage resources, or reduce operational costs, a custom web application development project from Active Logic can help you improve your revenues and maximize your competitiveness — in a cost-effective way.

You can trust that your web application will be built with cutting-edge development technology and a core framework ready to implement as part of your company’s tech stack. As a technology-agnostic custom web application development company, our team has extensive experience working with a wide range of native frameworks and programming languages. Ultimately, the frameworks we use will depend on your specific needs.

You Need a Web App? No Problem.

Custom Web Application Development Services

At Active Logic, we believe that a strong user experience is critical to the success of any application. Our team of developers works to create software that not only improves performance but reduces the time and resources needed to train personnel to use it.

While we’re technology agnostic, our applications tend to rely on PHP so that they will work well with web-based systems. From simple applications to complex programs, we can help you create a web application that interfaces with your existing technology using the ideal online toolkit for your team. Some of the custom web app development projects we work on include:

Custom Internal Web Applications
Internal web applications are designed to fill a need within your organization, providing a unified online set of tools and dashboards for your teams rather than for your customers. We will work closely with you to understand your business needs, then build the perfect balanced web application to unify efforts, create an accessible online portal, and provide the online tools your team needs to boost their productivity through web app development. Some examples of internal business applications we can create:

  • CRMs – Customer Relation Management software that helps you manage your interactions with your clients.

  • ERPs - Enterprise Resource Planning applications to help you manage all aspects of your organizational processes.

  • CMSs - Content Management Systems that manage your website and online presence.

  • A Starter Kit To Drive Application Development
    To help get your customized ERP web development project up and running faster, Active Logic has created ActiveCore, a suite of core features that we can customize to your specific business needs. ActiveCore features include customer & contact management, sales management, work & project tracking, and much more!
The Active Logic Benefit

Why Choose Active Logic As Your Experienced Custom Software Development Company

At Active Logic, we believe that the best custom web applications are created by the best development teams. We hire only the top developers in the industry operating from our Kansas City offices, and we’re well-positioned to create customized web apps with outstanding user experiences that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Whether you need a customer-facing web app with a complete brand experience or a utility web app with all the right tools for your team, Active Logic has the technology and the professional experience to build your web app with the latest web technologies based on your specific workflow needs and preferences.

So whether you’re looking for an engaging single-page experience or a complex enterprise app to provide a web-accessible toolkit for your team, you can achieve cutting-edge web application performance customized to your unique specifications and business needs with Active Logic.

Decreased Software Costs

No Long Term Monthly "Per Seat" Fees

Nearly every popular CRM has a recurring monthly or yearly licensing fee. The fees are typically based on how many users will need access to the system. Well, not ActiveOffice! You own the software and there will never be any required long-term recurring fees.

Tailored Software Development Workflows

100% Tailored To Your Workflow

Don’t EVER change your successful business workflows to conform to a specific piece of software. The software should conform to your business, and that is exactly what ActiveOffice provides! A 100% fully customizable software system with NO limits!

Own Your Software's Data

Software That You Own The Data To

You will never own your data or the software when you use an off-the-shelf solution. You’re bound by their terms and functionality to export your critical data. With ActiveOffice, you not only own the data… you own the software. Intellectual property has a tremendous value that can add to your company’s valuation!


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We've Got It Down To a Science

Our Workflow for Your Custom Web Application Development Project

At Active Logic, we believe that extensive communication with the client is the key to successful development. Our experts work with your team to ensure 100% effectiveness, speed, and satisfaction.

Consultation Planning
Starting with a consultation, we’ll get to know everything about you – your challenges, your strengths, and your processes – so that we can develop the right software to help get you to where you need to go. From there, Active Logic begins every project with an extended planning session. By learning about your goals, priorities, design vision, and the pain points you want to resolve, we can start to build a plan along with wireframes and prototypes to ensure that we have your ideal web application ready to build.

Agile Communication
Keeping you informed every step of the way is a critical part of our commitment to transparency and open communication, and we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process. As part of our agile development cycle, we regularly review our current progress and make sure every detail is going in the right direction while ensuring key milestones are met.

Software Lead Development
Our teams don’t have project managers. Instead, every project has a lead software developer to ensure that every step of the process is done with an in-depth understanding and relation to your performance needs.

The Goal of Transparency & Perfection
Through transparency and expert custom web app development, Active Logic seeks to achieve perfection in every web app we create. Customer satisfaction is essential, which is why we build a partnership with each client to collaborate on the ideal web app design to completion.

Take a Look For Yourself

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Our work can speak for itself. We’ve completed projects for a plethora of different organizations and have been fortunate enough to document the process along the way.

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