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Our Mobile App Development Services

Active Logic offers a wide range of mobile application development services to meet your goals at hand.

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Native Application Development

Maximizing performance with platform-specific mobile applications.

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UI/UX Design & Development

Designing intuitive and captivating mobile experiences.

Quality Assurance Testing

Ensuring performance excellence with comprehensive mobile application testing.

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Progressive Web App Development

Blending web flexibility with mobile app efficiency.


Technologies We Leverage for Mobile Application Development

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we develop your mobile application with future scalable & support mind.


React Native

Build once, delight everywhere: Crafting cross-platform mobile apps with React Native for seamless iOS and Android experiences.



Swiftly superior: Engineering sleek, performance-driven iOS apps with Swift's cutting-edge capabilities.



Where app ideas meet Android excellence – streamlined development for robust, user-friendly applications.



From web to mobile with flair: Leveraging AngularJS for dynamic, responsive app interfaces that stand out.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The team delivered a high-quality solution within a challenging timeline. They accommodated requested changes and devoted considerable energy to meet expectations. The end result earned enthusiastic positive feedback.

Active Logic delivered a functional sales management tool that has been instrumental in managing the client’s business. Despite scope changes, their effective project management allowed them to remain on schedule and within budget. Their good communication skills led to a successful project

Active Logic is incredibly flexible, accommodating a fluctuating schedule. They warn about potential delays or issues long before they become problematic, leading to a smooth and effective workflow. A better project management tool could facilitate progress, but the team is a great partner.

Hired for their success on previous projects, Active Logic continued to prove their effective project management processes and strategies by delivering high-quality code on time and within budget. Their punctual and open communication made working with them an especially positive experience.

Praising their above-average flexibility, internal stakeholders are extremely pleased with Active Logic resources. The developers are fast, proficient, and accommodating, and they function well as a member of the internal team.

Active Logic built a robust platform that has allowed the company to effectively process a significant number of requests. In addition to the quality of their work and the strong expertise of their staff, they were also very flexible and communicative throughout the engagement.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our structured development process ensures transparency, efficiency, and collaboration at every stage of your project.


Planning & Analysis

We begin by thoroughly understanding your requirements and objectives and conducting a comprehensive analysis to develop a clear roadmap for success.


Design & Development

Our expert team translates your vision into reality, leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to build robust and user-friendly solutions.


Testing & Deployment

We rigorously test your software to ensure functionality, reliability, and security, deploying it seamlessly to minimize disruption to your business operations.


Support and Iterative Improvement

Our support doesn't end at deployment; we continue to monitor and optimize your software, incorporating feedback and making iterative improvements to drive ongoing success.

Partnerships, Certifications, & Awards

We take pride in our work and hope our accolades are able to speak for themselves.

Things to Know About Mobile App Development

Tackling a mobile application development project requires a stout understanding of development principles and methodologie.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Developing a mobile app for your business offers a multitude of advantages in today’s technology-driven world. First and foremost, it significantly enhances customer engagement. Mobile apps provide a direct channel for businesses to interact with their customers, offering personalized experiences through features like push notifications, loyalty programs, and user accounts. This constant connectivity not only boosts customer loyalty but also fosters a stronger brand connection. By facilitating easier access to products, services, and support, businesses can encourage more frequent interactions, leading to increased customer retention and sales.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Business

Moreover, a mobile app can greatly improve your business's accessibility. In an era where smartphones are ubiquitous, a mobile app ensures your business is just a tap away from millions of potential customers. This accessibility enables businesses to expand their reach beyond traditional geographic limitations, tapping into new markets and demographics. Additionally, mobile apps can operate offline, providing users with functionality even when they're not connected to the internet, thus ensuring your business remains at their fingertips at all times.

Improved Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing your mobile application development is a strategic move that can provide significant benefits, especially in terms of cost efficiency and expertise. By choosing to outsource, businesses can dramatically reduce their development costs. This reduction is due in part to the lower labor costs in certain countries, but also to the avoidance of expenses related to hiring in-house developers, such as recruitment, training, salaries, and benefits. Furthermore, outsourcing companies often have scalable teams, meaning they can adjust the number of developers working on your project based on the current needs, ensuring that you're not paying for idle labor. This flexibility in resource allocation allows businesses to manage their budgets more effectively, directing funds towards other critical areas such as marketing or customer service.

Access to Tech Specialists

Another compelling reason to outsource mobile application development is the access to a pool of specialized talent and expertise. Outsourcing firms specialize in technology services and have teams of experienced developers who are proficient in the latest programming languages, development tools, and trends. This expertise ensures that your app is built using the best practices, advanced technologies, and innovative solutions, which might be difficult to achieve with an in-house team unless your business specializes in tech. Moreover, these companies have experience working on a diverse range of projects, allowing them to bring unique insights and problem-solving skills to your project. This breadth of expertise not only speeds up the development process but also enhances the quality and performance of the final product, helping your app stand out in a crowded marketplace.

iOS Benefits & Drawbacks

Choosing between developing an iOS or Android app depends on your target audience and business objectives. iOS apps appeal to users in regions with higher purchasing power, like North America and Western Europe, and tend to attract customers more willing to make in-app purchases. This platform offers a standardized development environment, leading to high-quality apps. It's ideal for businesses targeting demographics with more disposable income or operating in Apple-dominant markets.

Android Benefits & Drawbacks

Android, with its global market dominance, offers unparalleled reach, especially in emerging markets across Asia, Africa, and South America. Its open ecosystem allows for flexibility in development and distribution, essential for businesses aiming for a broad, global audience. However, the diversity of devices and OS versions can complicate development. The choice between iOS and Android should align with your market, budget, and goals, considering a dual-platform approach if resources permit.


Why Choose Active Logic as Your Mobile App Development Partner?

100% US-Based Development Team

Active Logic is committed to keeping all our development work onshore, a stance we will uphold indefinitely. Protect your data and software by avoiding overseas transfers.

100% Senior Level Developers

We don't hire entry level software developers, and that's by design. To keep up with the fast-paced development environments, we only house senior-level Laravel developers.

Quick, Clear Communication

No longer deal with drastic time zone differences & language barriers throughout your development efforts.

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