Measuring Soil Health Alongside TSIP

Developing a cross-platform mobile app to assist farmers in the measurement of their soil health.

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The Challenge at Hand

Agriculturists and farmers have long relied on time-consuming testing methods to understand soil carbon data levels across their plots, regions, or areas of interest. After taking samples, sending them off, and receiving the results, the data is not publicly archived for future use, diminishing its value almost immediately.

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About The Soil Inventory Project (TSIP)

Advised by former Vice President Al Gore, The Soil Inventory Project (TSIP) is a nonprofit collective aiming to protect the environment and create a unified soil inventory tracking system.

The Objectives

With this application being a greenfield initiative, TSIP’s product roadmap included well-defined objectives for our engagement.

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Remain Accessible in Rural America

The new mobile application needed to retain offline capabilities for continued use in rural environments.

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Streamline the Soil Sampling Process

TSIP wanted their new application to be a one-stop shop for the entire sampling process.

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Set the Benchmark for Soil Health

As samples are taken and analyzed, TSIP aimed to create an accessible database of information for further analysis.

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The Results

With their new application launched on app stores, farmers & agriculturists across the nation now have greater access to the tools necessary to measure their land’s health. They are also able to compare against regional benchmarks for different soil types, land use, etc. with the data modeled by TSIP.


Hours of Development


Of Compatible Devices

The Highlights

Offline GPS Mapping Capabilities

By utilizing the full functionality of Mapbox and its sensor-generated mapping interface, users can outline the plot of land they wish to take a carbon inventory of, regardless of internet access.


Compare Against Regional Benchmarks

As the community grows and more users utilize TSIP’s platform, regional baselines and predictions of soil carbon levels will be released regularly. This allows farmers and agriculturists to visualize their position in terms of soil health within their surrounding community.


Cross Platform Functionality

Thanks to the power of React Native, users across all mobile devices can download the application and sign up for The Soil Inventory Project’s services. This extends the development runway significantly, reducing the need for future system rewrites.


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