5 Reasons to Hire a Full-Stack Agency For Your Application Development

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January 3rd, 2024
Robert Kehoe

Are you a business leader looking to build a custom software application for customer-facing purposes? But lack a sizable background in software development or technology? You have probably tried shopping around for off-the-shelf solutions, but no single package seems to meet your business needs.

Your next logical step is to hire a software developer. In this case, your options are a specialized freelance developer or a full-stack development agency with senior developers.

The problem with specialized freelancers is, that it can take a big team with different specialties to complete your application development project. Think of graphic designers, user interface designers, database experts, and DevOps. With the result being an increased burden on your payroll.

Hiring a full-stack development agency with senior developers is a cost-effective solution that meets the increasing business unification tendency – without sacrificing the set quality standards.

But is betting on a full-stack agency with senior developers worth it? Our answer is yes, and here are the top 5 reasons why:

#1 Modern App Development Demands Switching Between Tech Roles

Modern software development technologies, integration of third-party services, and end-user demands; have brought significant changes in the mobile and web development processes. The resulting development methodologies require frequent switching between the roles.

At the same time, software development is fast-paced, which calls for constant improvement.

It, therefore, makes sense to hire a full-stack agency as their experience in multiple technologies, tools, and techniques will ensure a seamless switch between the application development roles. They can also keep up with the fast-paced tech world. Often, senior full-stack software developers have mastered the art of learning, which means they grasp new technologies quickly.

#2 Enhanced Application Efficiency

A single team works on your project, which eliminates the dependency on multiple technical professionals. That consequently improves your app efficiency.

Moreover, a full-stack development agency with senior developers is knowledgeable in gathering user requirements and developing commendable user interfaces. The same goes for process management and workflow management and gathering feedback on app features.

The result is a custom app that is sure to take off.

Furthermore, such an agency can address your app’s integration with 3rd party software for more seamless integration, ergo an efficient application.

Better still, senior full-stack software developers are better poised to view your app concept with a 360° perspective. They can then use their experience to add cutting-edge features for enhanced efficiency.

Senior full-stack developers can also contribute in:

  • Solving issues promptly

  • Incorporating security aspects throughout the development process

  • Updating and maintaining the app

That results in a quality application that’s void of vulnerabilities. (Seeing how much costly a data breach can be to your business, it doesn’t get any more cost-effective than that.)

In addition, full-stack developers understand any resource constraints from the onset. They can, therefore, prepare everything early on and assemble all prerequisites before emergencies. The result is a streamlined process that’s sure to save time and resources.

(The reduced time, timely handling of emergencies, and proper planning – all cut the cost of your app development.)

Get The Most Out of Your Concept
A full-stack agency with senior developers is often a solution-finder, making it your key to getting the most out of your bear concepts. Senior full-stack developers strive to ensure functionality with every app stack layer. They also make it easy to integrate your app with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual learning, cryptocurrency, and more.

Active Logic is your partner when you need to scale your business and staff. Our senior full-stack developers focus on the functionality of your business applications. We also leverage our competency around the nuances of emerging technologies and integrations to make your mobile/web applications as efficient as possible. Reach out today to start the conversation about your next custom software application from our team at Active Logic!

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