Top 5 Reasons to Choose Vue.JS

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January 6th, 2024
Robert Kehoe

Vue.js is a popular front-end JavaScript framework that dates back to 2014. It boasts a flexible design that is focused on both component composition and declarative rendering. Since its introduction, Vue.js has continued to garner use from web developers. Even in 2024. And that is because it provides simplicity, a strong community, and serious stability. But, what are the top four reasons that you should utilize Vue.js development?

Ease of Use & Simplicity
Although Vue.js is highly capable, it is also easy to comprehend. In comparison to other front-end technologies, Vue.js development does not require a deep knowledge of JSX, TypeScript or other libraries.

In order to take advantage of Vue, a basic knowledge of CSS, HTML and js frameworks is all that is needed. Of course, supplemental knowledge does not hurt and will increase overall usability.

Small Footprint
The downloaded zip of the Vue.js framework is just 18 KB. Because of this, it is extremely lightweight and makes installation quick. This also has a positive impact on UX and SEO.

Single-File Components & Readability
Each portion of your web page or application in Vue.js is designated as a component. These components represent captured elements of an interface. Components can be written in CSS, JavaScript and HTML without needing to put them into discrete files.

This architectural method is known as component-based architecture or CBA. It also finds use in React and Angular. It comes with several advantages, including readability and the ability to reuse components.

Community Backing
Because Vue has been around for nearly 10 years, it is backed by a strong and knowledgeable community. It is used by everyone from large corporations to start-up companies. Better yet, there is a wealth of resources to help with a variety of needs.

Additionally, Vue has gained a range of tools to help with functionality. It supports Babel, TypeScript, end-to-end testing tools, a plugin installation system and can help with unit testing. The framework has a server renderer, state manages as well as browser debugging tools.

Performance & Reliability
When it comes to developing an application or webpage, speed and reliability are both extremely important. The Vue framework has both of those covered. When used to support mobile applications, Vue.js can launch apps faster than React and Angular.

It is a fast framework with the speed to offer clean UX in SPAs and UIs. As web is focusing on a mobile-first experience, speed is a much-needed perk to consider when selecting a JavaScript framework.

When Should You Use Vue.JS?

Vue.js development is a cost-effective solution for many different needs. It can help with rapid delivery and development, which is sure to be appreciated. Whether you are prototyping with basic skills or publishing an MVP, Vue.js is well-equipped to help.

The interactive elements and animations help keep people’s attention. And the speed keeps users from bouncing from your app or webpage.

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