What Does it Mean to Hire a Full-Stack Developer?

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January 5th, 2024
Robert Kehoe

A full-stack development agency with senior developers is often a solution-finder, making it your key to getting the most out of your concepts. Senior full-stack developers strive to ensure functionality with every app stack layer. They also make it easy to integrate your app with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual learning, cryptocurrency, and more.

Developing a digital application typically requires establishing three layers:

#1 Front-End (Client-Side)

The front end is part of the app, which its users interact with. It dictates the user experience (UX) and the user interface(UI).

Its development requires skills in languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It also calls for frameworks such as Angular.JS, Bootstrap, Vue.js, and jQuery.

#2 Back-End (Server-Side)

The back end is the part of the app that stores databases. It also processes data based on end-users interactions with the app (front-end interface). Its development requires knowledge of languages like Python, Java, and PHP. It also calls for frameworks such as Express, Laravel, and Django. (Expertise in databases such as Oracle and SQL is also necessary.)

#3 Middleware (Logic-Layer)

The middleware bridges the front-end and back-end of the app. It relays the front-end requirements to the back-end. And the back-ends responses to the front-end. Its development calls for expertise in languages like C# and Java; and frameworks such as SOAP and JSON.

In addition to experts knowledgeable in the highlighted languages and frameworks, app development also calls for:

  • Testers

  • Web Architecture Experts

  • Version Control System Experts

  • API Experts

And More!

(A full-stack developer is knowledgeable in most (if not all) of the highlighted requirements.)

Understanding a Full-Stack Developer
A full-stack developer holds expertise in one (or more) full-stack technologies. That means at least one:

  • Front-end Language

  • Front-end Framework

  • Back-end Language

  • Back-end Framework

  • Middleware-Language

  • Middleware Framework

  • Quality Assurance (Testing)

And so on!

Senior vs. Junior Full-Stack Developers

App development is more complex in practice than in theory. The developer must consider your business objectives and project constraints, making seniors more appealing than junior developers.

The preference is essential in cases of complex applications involving different technologies, tools, and techniques. In such cases, senior developers provide the much-needed depth and breadth of experience.

The same goes for a project involving in-depth research, development, and some patentable elements. After all, senior developers have had their fair share of mistakes and learned their lessons.

Senior developers are particularly ideal for full-stack development, as it requires a clear perspective on the project architecture. That is having insights into every part of the development process. Senior developers can use the right tool for the right job. They can easily take your bear concept and develop it all the way to complete launching.

Senior developers can also work independently and autonomously, which is a plus, especially amid the pandemic. (Junior developers often need to work under senior management to produce quality work.)

Furthermore, senior developers understand that long-term matters. They’ll generally prioritize readability, extensibility, and maintainability designs. That will, in turn, result in quality applications that are void of vulnerabilities.

Seniors can also be relatively faster than junior developers. Recent studies indicate a 10x (or more) difference in productivity.

The increased productivity could be attributed to their experience.

Seniors are also good communicators. They are experienced in writing clear & concise documentation of their progress and processes.

Added to the benefits is their ability to conserve project resources. So, much as seniors may seem costly in the short term, their long-term planning and experience will pay dividends in the long run.

Full-Stack Agency vs. Freelancers
Often, freelancers charge a flat rate. So it’s in their survival interest to stick with some tools and technologies to churn out projects faster. An agency, on its end, leverages all the goodies a well-throughout team has to offer.

An agency leverages teamwork to:

  • Meet deadlines

  • Open up the spectrum with regards to qualifications and skillset

  • Get and implement different perspectives for a custom application

  • Get overriding management of the app development project

  • Complete the task even when some team members are unavailable

  • Curate a well-throughout development workflow (for your project request)

  • Get leadership and oversight over software development projects

Get The Most Out of Your Concept.

Active Logic is your partner when you need to scale your business and staff. Our senior full-stack developers focus on the functionality of your business applications. We also leverage our competency around the nuances of emerging technologies and integrations to make your mobile/web applications as efficient as possible. Reach out today and get your app development ball rolling.

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