What is Laravel PHP? Why Do We Use It?

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August 18th, 2022
Robert Kehoe

At Active Logic, we commit ourselves to use the latest technologies to deliver software solutions that meet your unique needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to monitoring emerging trends in the software industry to ensure we are never technologically behind. Because of this, we can provide you with cutting-edge solutions that give you a competitive advantage in your market.

One of the key systems we operate with is Laravel PHP. With Laravel, we can create highly secure, efficient, and customizable software that is tailored specifically to the requirements of your business. Our solutions are designed to help you handle your current needs while also positioning you for future scaling. We understand that your business is constantly evolving, and we are committed to delivering solutions that evolve along with you.

What is Laravel PHP?

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework that is used for the development of web applications. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and it is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. This makes the ENTIRE framework free to use on a commercial

Laravel can run on any server platform, including cloud services. This makes the usage of Laravel practical in a number of situations. Better yet, because the platform has been around for some time, there are often simple solutions to complex issues. This means our team can work efficiently for you.

The goal of Laravel is to offer out-of-the-box, ease of use. Better yet, because Laravel implements a Model-View-Controller architecture, it is extremely straightforward for developers to operate.

The first stable version of Laravel was released in 2011. Meaning the program has been around for over 10 years. This provides a litany of resources when using the system, that can be pulled in order to solve unique problems.

How Does Laravel PHP Work?
Laravel benefits from a design pattern called MVC. The “Model” part of this framework is the shape of the data that the application operates on. It is extremely flexible in terms of its use.

The “Controller” interacts with the model. If an existing user wants to make a new post, the controller then updates the model to retrieve the necessary info. The logic for the application is contained within the controller and can be modified as needed to meet its goal.

All of the application’s HTML components are represented by the “View.” The view is a template that interacts with the model and the controller. It is what is displayed to the user.

What Types of Software Can Laravel PHP Develop?
Once placed in the hands of our expert software developers, Laravel is used to develop an endless range of software applications. The only real question is: what software does your company need?

For companies seeking a tailored e-commerce web application, Laravel Cashier creates an online point-of-sales system for customer purchases. For all of the corporate giants, Laravel Forge can withstand the workload of a worldwide enterprise resource planning system. Its capabilities are virtually endless in the world of application development.

Why Use Laravel PHP?

Our team uses the Laravel PHP framework because of its modular structure and overall efficiency. As your application continues to scale, you are easily able to utilize different components to be used as needed. These components are able to be individually altered or replaced without impacting the overall application development efforts. This capability makes it much easier for our developers to maintain, update, and debug sections of code as needed; saving overall time and effort.

Additionally, it comes with helpful built-in features that include everything from routing & middleware to authentication & security capabilities. These features help our senior-level developers build a robust, secure, and high-performing web application for your company. Thanks to Laravel's inherited templating engine, your new application is able to be utilized responsively between both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Tasks can also be scheduled in Laravel with ease. Different additions allow for periodically executed tasks to be implemented as needed. Compared to other frameworks, the built-in ORM implementation is considered one of the best Object-Relational Mapper. You can interact with database objects using expressive syntax.

Because of Laravel’s open-source nature, systems like Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud can be worked with. Due to its MIT License, users have expressive permission to reuse code for any purpose. Even if that code may be part of proprietary software.

Want to Learn More About Laravel PHP?

One of the largest benefits of Laravel being open source is the accessibility to information regarding the framework. For starters, the official Laravel website provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, API docs, and guideline standards for development.

Surrounding those materials is a lively Laravel developer community that holds a wealth of knowledge. Many of these communities live and thrive at Laravel.io & Reddit's r/laravel. Sites like these provide a solidified space to share tips, ask questions, and connect with other professionals.

The easiest way to learn more about Laravel PHP and its capabilities? Give us a call here at Active Logic and chat with our team of experts. We are proud to house the nation's largest, 100% US-based Laravel development team & can answer any question needed! Our senior-level Laravel developers are happy to work alongside you to better your understanding of Laravel PHP.

How Can Active Logic Help With Your Laravel Development Needs?

If your company is operating on a legacy system or you have found generic software is not cutting it, we encourage you to contact our team. We follow a “no off-shore” mentality at our organization. And that means you will have friendly, local support throughout the software development process. By opting to use our services, you will have a dedicated Software Lead to handle communication with anything project-related.

Our developers have experience working with a variety of industries, giving us unique insight and perspective into our operations. Reach out today in order to learn more about our unique development processes for your business. We operate with offices in both Kansas City and Miami. Demonstrating the success and dedication of our team.

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