Tailored Inventory Management Software for a KC Non-Profit

Allowing Happy Bottoms to easily track donated diapers for streamlined delivery to those in need.

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The Challenge at Hand

HappyBottoms approached us with a list of tasks needing completion in their internal inventory management software. Their current development partner was not meeting their expectations, and they were ready to switch to a reliable Kansas City agency. The challenge was not just the list of to-dos but the transition and ramp-up when working in the codebase.

Happy Bottoms

About HappyBottoms

HappyBottoms is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating diaper needs in the Kansas City Metro Area. They provide diapers to families who lack sufficient resources, bridging the diaper gap for thousands of children since 2009.

The Objectives

Taking over a development project is no small task. Not only did we need to understand the complexities of the codebase, but the objectives of the projects as well.

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Properly Track Donated Inventory

With diapers being donated from various sources, the final inventory system needed to be agile.

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Migrate From Original Drupal Site

To prepare for future growth, the application’s data needed to be removed from Drupal’s CMS

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Stay Ahead of Future Errors

The original development process posed redundancies, offering the opportunity for simplification

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The Results

Our efforts in improving Happy Bottoms' inventory management system have yielded significant benefits for the organization. By providing a streamlined and efficient solution, the customized system has helped Happy Bottoms optimize its operations, reduce manual errors, and enhance inventory visibility. The enhanced system has also empowered Happy Bottoms' staff to make informed decisions regarding inventory replenishment, distribution planning, and donation management.


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The Highlights

Perpetual Feedback

As the needs and operations of Happy Bottoms evolved over time, Active Logic remained committed to enhancing the inventory management system to address these changes.

Through regular feedback sessions and close collaboration with Happy Bottoms' team, Active Logic implemented several key improvements. This included integrating features to manage inventory expiration dates, tracking diaper sizes and preferences, optimizing order fulfillment processes, and implementing automated notifications to streamline communication with volunteers and partner organizations.


Long-Term Commitment

As of this writing in July 2024, our partnership with Happy Bottoms is as strong as ever. What was originally supposed to be a quick, 4-month engagement has turned into a prosperous relationship for both us and Happy Bottoms. We have made significant strides in innovating their internal inventory system, but we still have a fair amount of work to do.


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